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The SK Alliance LTD is a group which was established to economize and develop of rising markets, being on the largest domestic and international development companies within China. The company is a giant business group, engaging in international projects, project engineering, integrated trade, R&D, international service, combined technology and trade, in addition to our group’s continuation and growth. Predominantly based in China, with strong strategic connections in Europe, Asia, Middle East, America, South America and the African market. The SK Alliance LTD is sown in the fabrics of strong business ethics and experience to uplift and develop potential markets to bring change and benefit among communities and people. In addition to professional services in contracting EPC with PPP modes of investment.

The SK Alliance LTD is an international reputed and domestically leading international contractor, engaging in internal projects, contracting as the core and international trade as our principal operation. Our contracting business involves a broad range of areas such as electric power & energy, transportation, electronic communication, housing & architecture, manufacturing and processing plant, environmental protection, mining and resource prospecting.


The SK Alliance LTD encompasses our companies, as our cornerstone activity with various products within the engineering and medical market. We manufacture the best quality products and devices, at a cost friendly price and all our products being environmentally friendly.

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Our team and partners have a wealth of accumulated knowledge and expertise within the international development realm, bringing a variety of beneficial services for our customers.


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