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Conventional energy is finite. To light up tomorrow's world you need imaginative, innovative solutions. L&T Construction has developed the capability to provide solutions for every challenge under the sun.


The SK Alliance LTD is one of the leading players in Solar PV installations and has a track record that includes execution of some of the largest solar plants in the country. L&T has proven EPC capabilities in offering economically viable and technically superior solutions for solar power plants. The comprehensive range of design and construction services ...

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Safety and Quality

Our Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) is considered a core value. Systems and procedures have been established for implementing the requisites at all stages of construction and are accredited to the International Standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We continues to maintain its tradition of meeting stringent quality standards and adherence to time schedules across all projects.

Specialized Design Capabilities

We incubates various technologies and has derived valuable insights on different aspects of solar power systems. The state-of-the-art design delivers cost-effective solutions using the latest software and the designs are accredited by leading financial institutions and technical agencies.  A special team of foundation engineering experts have developed unique structural designs and innovative techniques to hasten the construction process.

Project Management

Our global sourcing capabilities include:

  • GPS enabled advanced monitoring systems for tracking the flow of goods

  • JIT techniques for optimization of resources

  • Strategic long-term component partnerships with supply partners

  • Creating value in projects by awarding contracts to local contractors and logistic companies

Key Factors

The SK Alliance LTD's adaptation to new ideas within the solar industry and extensive networks with financing communities.

Characteristics of L&T's solar power projects

  • Customer-centric

  • Cost-competitive

  • Technologically agnostic

  • Optimized designs

  • Wide network across stakeholders