The SK Alliance LTD supplies and exporters heavy duty industrial equipment including ball mills, sugar crushing mills and stone crushers, vertical shaft and rotary kilns, crystallizers, filter presses, separators and centrifugal machines. We also supply material handling equipment like bucket elevators, air slides, screw and belt conveyors, cane unloading, fabricated storage hoppers & tanks, cutting and feeding machinery. The spare parts offered by us includes large diameter gears, pinion shafts, gear reducers, bull rings, kiln tyres, rollers, trunion bearings as well as a number of customized cast/forged components.


The SK Alliance LTD equipment are technologically advances and includes heavy floor borers, milling machines, vertical turret lathes, large capacity gear hobbing machines, automatic plate cutting and welding equipment. Lifting capacity extends from a few kilogram to 75 MT using electric overhead cranes. We also offer various testing facilities using modern and internationally recognized testing equipment and instruments which includes non-destructive testing such as ultrasonic test (UST), magnetic particle test (MPI), developer penetration test (DP), radiographic test (RT), bend test, chemical test, mechanical test, dimensional inspection etc.

Key Services

We provide erection and commissioning consultancy support for all the equipment either supplied by us or purchased from outside vendors. We supervise the trial running of plant with providing training to personnel involved in running of plant.

Basic project consultancy provided by us involves :

  • Site selection

  • Procurement of required items

  • Design consultancy

  • Plant erection and commissioning

  • Basic feasibility analysis



Types of sugar Plants

  1. Open pan boiling sugar plants 100TCD to 500TCD

  2. Vacuum & pressure boiler boiling plants 300TCD to 1500TCD

  3. Sugar refinery 10TCD to 500TCD

  4. Turbine based power houses (power cogeneration) 300TCD to 1500TCD

The SK Alliance LTD undertakes sugar projects from small to medium scale capacities as mentioned above

Types of Sugar Plant Equipment

Complete Sugar Plants

Cane Unloading

Cane Cutters

Bagasse Handling and Transfer

Carbonation Equipment

Sugar Dryers

Juice and Molasses Storage Tanks

Molasses Storage Tanks

Sugarcane Milling Tandems

Sugar Centrifugals

Supplication Equipment

Sugar Graders

Vacuum pans


Juice Heaters

Filter Presses



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