Chip Probing


Modern Beer Brewery

The SK Alliance LTD is located in the dynamic Jiangsu Province, Nanjing City. Our company is operated in the Science and Technology Park, Qixia, Nanjing. It is a modern technology development building, covering scientific development, design, service facilities, technological development and advancement, manufacturing and has the capacity of producing 80 million pieces of infusion sets. We are one of the famous manufacturers in China’s engineering and science device industries.


Micro Chip

Our products are sold in more than 30 countries; America, Uk, Europe, south America and within Asia. The company has a strong advanced equipment and technological power. We have a tier-1 production line, with advanced testing equipment, with independanct physical, chemical and biological laboratries. We have automatic assembly machines, semi-automatic assembly machines, blister packing machines, and PE automiatic packing machines, in addition to automation equipment.


Medical Record Analysis

Our products have been approved by international certifications; TUV, CE, CEC, INMETRO, FJDE, FDA etc., and domestic certifications like CQC, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHAS18001 etc. All of our employees have attention to detail, and our production is organized in strict accordance with ISO and foreign standards. Our company has established a quality assurance system from the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials, outsourcing, and spare parts to the production and assembly of finished products. Each procedure has undergone strict quality inspection and control.

我们的产品已通过国际认证; TUV,CE,CEC,INMETRO,FJDE,FDA等,以及诸如CQC,ISO9001,ISO14001,OHAS18001等国内认证。我们的所有员工都注重细节,我们的生产严格按照ISO和国外标准进行组织。我公司建立了从原辅材料采购,外包,零配件到成品生产与组装的质量保证体系。每个程序都经过严格的质量检查和控制。